Issue 52                                               March 2018

Crunch time for SAMRA

We are still operating without Key Officers despite many requests for help.
So, with heavy hearts, the committee has called an Extraordinary General Meeting to potentially close the Association.
If we can find somebody with the time and enthusiasm to Chair along with a Secretary/Editor then maybe SAMRA could continue. But since losing Debbie as Chair and then Ann due to retirement the remaining few of the committee have found it difficult to handle the extra workload especially in light of the recent council restructuring.
So, we need you !
   ….   if you want to save SAMRA then we need people to step up and help.
Do come along at to
Stanpit Village Hall at 7pm on Friday 16th March and tell us your views.
Agenda Item: Future of SAMRA

Council Restructuring

Finally, a decision from the Secretary of State the Rt Hon Sajid Javid.

He has announced that he will accept the creation of two new unitary authorities in Dorset to replace the existing nine councils. One will cover Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, and the other the rest of rural Dorset. 
Each will deliver all local government services in their areas.


It is proposed that the councils are formed before 1st April 2019 prior to the local elections of 2 May 2019. This is subject to legislation.

And that legislation could well be thwarted by a judicial review; which Christchurch, along with their MP Sir Christopher Chope, hope to seek against the Government’s decision.

It was promised in Parliament that No council would be abolished without its consent.

It is clear that Christchurch never consented and the referendum supported that view.


But opinion was split amongst our councillors and with every other council agreeing with the Future Dorset proposal, there really could be no other outcome.

Work will now commence on the restructuring of the council and the reestablishment the wards and the number of councillors representing us.

But we must ensure that Council Tax harmonisation is short as residents of Christchurch should NOT pay more council tax than those in Bournemouth and Poole for the same services.

We demand parity!

Community Governance

SAMRA and other Residents’ Associations (RAs) were asked to partake in the Community Governance Review.
After much discussion, SAMRA did submit a response.
Currently, there are two Parish Councils in Christchurch: Burton and Hurn.
We suggested creating three more Local Councils.
Christchurch Town Council
Town Centre, Purewell, Stanpit, Mudeford and Grange overseeing -
Town & Harbour.
Christchurch East
Highcliffe and Friars Cliff overseeing
- Beaches.
Christchurch West
St Catherine’s Hill, Jumpers and Portfield overseeing -
Heathland & Forest.
This is only a suggestion and it will go to full consultation once all responses are processed.
Local Councils are the first tier of local government and are statutory bodies, so will be able to represent us at a higher level. There may be a cost (precept) added to our council tax, but this will depend on exactly what the local council is responsible for.
Planning - Noisy Lobster
Councillors have voted to approve the Noisy Lobster’s plans for a first-floor extension.
Despite the development being smaller than previous, it still received over 100 objections.
Well done to our Mudeford Councillor, Paul Hilliard for speaking out against the proposal.
The vote was close 4-3 in favour.

Claire Bath, Trevor Watts, Lisle Smith, Frederick Neale - were for.
David Jones, Denise Jones and Peter Hall - were against.

Council meetings are now available to watch on
YouTube so you can see how the councillors and officers respond to the various points of discussion.

For those interested- the planning meeting is available here:

Trees Chopped down on the Quay
We were horrified to see that some trees had been felled on council land at the Quay adjacent to Sandhills Holiday Park. This is within the Conservation Area.
Mary has informed the council and it is being investigated.
We do hope that the perpetrators are found and new trees are replanted.

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