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Dear SAMRA members

As Debbie is having a very well-deserved holiday, this issue of the Newsletter comes to you from the Vice-Chairman and the other committee members.

2017 AGM

Our 2017 AGM will be held on Friday 13th October at 7.00pm in Stanpit Village Hall.  The speaker has yet to be arranged but we do hope that you will be able to be there.

Christchurch Borough Council

Changes to the Christchurch Constitution first became public knowledge in August whereby Planning Department Officers will decide planning applications without going to the Planning Committee. Objectors’ individual letters have increased from 12 to 25, and for petitions the number of signatures will be increased from 25 signatures to 50. These issues were discussed at the meeting of the full council on 5 September 2017 when they voted in favour of changes to the constitution!

However, the Scrutiny and Policy Overview Committee compromised on 18 letters rather than 25 and 35 signatures on a petition rather than 50 and these changes were supported by the Resources Committee.

SAMRA was not happy about the planning objection changes and felt that residents’ associations should have been consulted.


The latest missive from the Borough Council includes the news that they now webcast all Christchurch Borough Council meetings plus the opportunity to view previous council meetings which have taken place click  here:  

Beach and Coastal Ways

At a "Post-it, suggest it" event recently at Highcliffe Castle over 200 residents gave their opinions on the coastal strategy, including Avon Beach, Gundimore Beach, Mudeford Quay, Mudeford Sandbank, and Highcliffe Castle, results of which are yet to be published.


The comments which the public posted on the pictures/diagrams were overwhelmingly against any more beach huts along our coast which featured in each section of coastline from Highcliffe to Mudeford and Mudeford Sandbank.  This as you know brings in a great amount of revenue for the Council, but is undoubtedly not what the residents want.  There is also mention of more food outlets along the coast and in particular Gundimore.  There is also talk of water sports being introduced etc. This is a very important consultation for our Borough and needs to have a response from as many individual residents as possible.

We await the necessary planning permission for the proposed alterations to the Avon Beach promenade.

The 3,000 signature petition was handed to the full council last week asking members to reconsider the situation with regard to the Highcliffe Castle Zig Zag.   The Council’s decision to close the path remains the same and was confirmed by Councillor Sally Derham-Wilks during an interview on South Today TV. However, the Echo reported (15/09/17) that Council bosses have refused under freedom of information to publish the report into the proposed cost of Zig Zag repairs. A draft strategy will go to the Scrutiny and Community committees in November.

Councillors Derham-Wilks, David Jones, Trish Jamieson and John Lofts attended a meeting of Highcliffe Residents Association last Monday to discuss this issue. The meeting was lively and at times brittle. The councillors defended the Council’s position which was strongly opposed by residents. When asked why a better job was not done in the first place a surprising answer was given, in part blaming Tony Blair, a previous Labour PM, whose government had apparently directed that “hard wood” should not be used where alternative treated timber could be used. The response was one of disbelief and ridicule when surely an engineer in charge of a project should choose the appropriate materials for the job to avoid costly repairs later on. The other matter that caused a stir was that when a question about costs was raised and the number of quotations received, it would seem that apparently there weren’t any or none that could be confirmed. This matter arose as alternatives were being sought and residents had got estimates of cost which differed from Council estimates. Disability issues were also strongly debated with regard to access.  We were left in no doubt that the fight to keep the Zig Zag continues.


Health and Hospitals

As you may be aware from the news, NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) published its final recommendations for the Clinical Services Review (CSR) before they go to its governing body on Wednesday 20 September, where they can be accepted, rejected or amended.

The CCG’s final recommendations include amongst many other recommendations the following:

Main points for us:

1) The Governing Body is requested to approve the recommendation for a Planned and Emergency Hospital at the Dorset County Hospital.

2) The Governing Body is requested to approve the recommendation: to commission a Major Emergency Hospital at the Bournemouth Hospital site.

3) The Governing Body is requested to approve the recommendation: to commission a Major Planned Hospital at the Poole Hospital site.

Should these recommendations be accepted, the hospitals concerned would be able to start properly planning for these changes, which offer a fantastic opportunity for the healthcare of Dorset. Full details on their website

Events brought to you by the Governors of the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Engagement Event:  “Improving the quality of care” with open question time, led by Tony Spotswood, Chief Executive and Deborah Matthews, Director of Improvement - being held at Strouden Community Centre, Vanguard Road, BH8 9NU from 2.30pm on Tuesday 3 October

Understanding Health Talk in the Community:  Women’s Health “waist downwards”, led by Denise Abbott, Urogynae Nurse Consultant - being held at Beaufort Community Centre, Southbourne BH6 5LB (on the Yellow Bus P2 route) at 11.00am on Friday 27 October  

Listening Event:  The opportunity to meet with your local Trust Governors, led by the Governors, being held at Christchurch Library in November: tentatively the16th, to be confirmed.

End of Life Care: Being held at the Village Hotel, opposite the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Castle Lane, Bournemouth, BH7 7DW on 4 December 2017.

To book: e-mail or phone 01202 704246.

Police and Crime

Police advice on staying secure with your ‘phone and computer with today’s technology

Phone calls:

If you get a phone call from your credit card company saying a fraud has been committed on your card, requesting any information from you - say to them you will call them back; they will not mind at all.  Call them back as soon as convenient to you, do not use the phone the call came in on; either use your mobile or friend’s phone or even the next door neighbour’s phone. Use the telephone number on the back of your card, stating you wish to speak to Security, as you had been called by them, telling you a fraud had been committed.

Computing passwords:

With the availability of software to all on the internet and the dark web it’s important to look at your password housekeeping. The strength of a password is not only what characters / numbers / letters you use. It’s the length of the password, the longer the tougher it is to break. Eight mixed characters is the very minimum, 12 is OK, 16 is better. People using banking / Investment companies would be invited to use passwords up to 50 characters long.

A computer running password-breaking software makes 3.5 billion guesses a second. So a simple 8-character password could take just a very short time to guess, where a password 16 characters long would take a lot longer. Don’t use dictionary words / places / names (that includes the cat / dog or children). Write down security questions / answers / memorable words, in case you need to re-set a password at any time.

Finally - make sure your computer has some sort of automatic back-up running (eg an auto back-up every hour it is running) just in case it does crash or you get hacked.  It would be a shame to lose all those photographs and data you have collected.


Future events at Stanpit Village Hall

Friday 6 October: Skittles – 7.30 pm

Saturday 4 November: Fireworks - ? 7.00 pm

Wednesday 13 December Carols – 7.30 pm


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